About The Life Center

The Life Center is a non-denominational church located just outside of Washington, DC in Prince George’s County, MD. We are about helping people live life to the fullest, through Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help spiritually mature and equip God’s people to fulfill His purpose in their lives.

The Life Center is focused on BEING THE CHURCH. What does this mean? Our emphasis is loving God and serving His people. We are also focused on equipping people with the tools they need to mature spiritually (Ephesians 4). Our goal is not simply having “service,” but it is to be of  service in the communities God sends us to.

In a day and age where our culture is drifting farther away from the heart and Spirit of Jesus, The Life Center stands firm on God’s Word by sharing His grace and His truth. If you are someone who desires to grow closer to God in a theologically sound way, The Life Center Church is available for you.

For those who are not familiar with church or you are simply searching for answers, you are invited to join us as well. We are here to share the message of the Bible and to allow God’s Spirit to reveal His plan for your life.

What you can expect at The Life Center

  • Christ-centered focus
  • Creative, culturally relevant messages
  • Real answers to real questions, coming directly from the Bible
  • Relaxed, come-as-you are atmosphere
  • People genuinely reaching out and encouraging each other